Renowned artist and film director, Jean Negulesco, my mentor and the man who opened the world of art to me, advised me to develop all of my talents, that each would be of use in my creative life.  A man of enormous talent, he was living proof of his philosophy.  Following his role model, my creative career spans stage, TV, motion pictures, music and the fine arts as a dancer, singer-songwriter, producer and artist.

In traveling the creative path, I have found that each talent and skill influenced the others, that each part is an expression of the whole.  In a painting, a photograph, a lyric or a script, the finished product is not the journey’s end, but rather the path one travels to achieve it – desire, doubt, discovery, frustration, patience, joy and wonder.  What I hope to share with the viewer is that experience – the pleasure, peace, understanding and healing that comes from the journey.

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